Find the Hill

Get information about the hills and mountains around you just by using your phone camera

Find the Hill - Mobile application

Set your phone camera against the hill and get it's name, distance and altitude

Our mobile application Find the Hill can recognize hills and mountains right in front of your eyes. Now you don't have to make an afford with an ordinary map. Just open the application, aim at the hill in front of you and get the desired information. Find the Hill can recognize hills and mountains all over the globe and also works offline.


  • more than 240 000 mapped world hills
  • visualization of the hill’s location and distance from your current point
  • possibility of working offline
  • range settings for up to 20km
  • compas
  • display of given hill on the map and of the current location on the map screen
  • display of your current latitude and longitude
  • display of your current sealevel
  • display of the current hill, on which you are standing
  • Englisch, German, Slovak and Czech language


Download your Find the Hill application

You can download Find the Hill for free on the Google Play page

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If you have some interesting ideas or suggestions do not hasitate with contacting us. Thank you for your help to improve our product


Application provided for you by Starbug s.r.o. company

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Cover photo provided by Ing. Libor Spimr
Data source Open Layers